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Gabion Rocks for Gabion Walls

Sandstone Gabion Rocks

Gabion Sandstone Rocks comes 50-150mm (approx) and will give you a finish to your feature wall that will look stunning. With sandstone as your choice for Gabion rock you will have the amazing natural colour tonnes that will enhance any landscaped area. Gabion Walls can be built on a flexible base, meaning no concrete base is required, in many cases after removing the topsoil you will have a foundation for a substantially high wall. The Gabion rock will also allow water to filter through the wall which eliminates any pressure build-up on the wall.

Sorry we do not provide the Gabion Cages.

Our Sandstone Gabion Rocks can also be used as decorative pebbles in landscape surrounds or dry creek beds for a cost effective, beautiful finish.

Gabion Rocks for Gabion Walls

Gabion Rocks for Gabion Walls are available from Brisbane Sandstone who deliver throughout South-East Queensland.

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